CDN allows distribution of website content globally. When a visitor comes to your website, they will be sent to the server that geographically closest to them. Thus leading to websites that load faster and offer lower latency. Furthemore, your website content is protected against DDoS attacks, natural disasters and network failures.

CDN Features

  • Auto Website Acceleration

    When a request comes in for your website, our route load balancer auto selects the closest POP to the client's location. On top of the choosing the closest POP, we are able to optimize specific assets such as image, css, javascript using compressions algorithms.
  • Ethernet

    Auto SSL

    If your website utilizes SSL, we will handle SSL configuration automatically. You can either utilize the Free SSL option or simply upload your cert bundle in our control panel.
  • Ethernet

    100% Uptime

    We can ensure 100% uptime by caching your web pages on our CDN. During initial setup, we will only cache assets like css, images, js but website admins can tell our system to cache specific extensions like .html etc. When an outage takes place, we will continue to serve cached content to site visitor until your website comes online. We recommend only caching static pages.
  • Ethernet

    APLLR (Asia Pacific Low Latency Routes)

    Target Asian market with low latency when hosting servers in Los Angeles and/or Dallas data center. Offer fast content delivery when connecting to Los Angeles and/or Dallas from Asia. With APLLR, Dallas data center will allow businesses to target users on the East coast of USA and at the same time offer low latency to users in Asia.

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