WinLintech Solutions is committed to the success of our reseller community so we have designed a comprehensive program to ensure the growth of our partners. As one of the leading dedicated server providers in the world, we can leverage our economies of scale and offer competitive pricing without lowering our high standard of service and infrastructure. The WinLintech Solutions Reseller Program is a tiered discount system based on monthly recurring charges.


Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol a service WinLintech Solutions offer for customers who has mission critical application and require an added redundancy when it comes to distribution routers. The client has two gateways on one each router where an event of a failed distribution router from an IOS upgrade, crash, or hardware failure the packets are routed over to a secondary router. This added redundancy can be beneficial for clients requiring an added layer of redundancy.


Border Gateway Protocol used by our customers who needs the ability to announce IP in different location, withdraw IP and or prefix at a moments notice. Other application WinLinTech customer's use the service by announcing IP they own or lease where they are seen as a provider themselves. This is a great white label method allowing potential customers to view WinLinTech Client as a network operator.

IP Transit

WinLinTech provides IP transit services across our best-in-class fiber optic network throughout Southern California, Texas and Virginia. With powerful connections to close to 1,000 major Internet hubs and data centers, key enterprise locations and wireless communications facilities, we provide expansive reach throughout the region to deliver your IP solution. We offer multiple interfaces, high-performance SLAs and flexible billing options, including commit or commit plus burstable usage packages.


Target Asian market with low latency when hosting servers in Los Angeles and/or Dallas data center. Offer fast content delivery and ability for gamers to play games when connecting to Los Angeles and/or Dallas from Asia. With APLLR, Dallas data center will allow businesses to target users on the East coast of USA and at the same time offer low latency to users in Asia.

Private Network

Connect all your servers privately utilizing private IP thus avoiding using any public traffic that can count against you in terms of traffic billing. The gigabit private network allow any clients to privately connect their dedicated servers that are located anywhere in the data center.

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