DDoS Protection For Servers

All our bare metal servers come with free 20 Gbps DDoS protection and custom DDoS protection rules to protect against 0 day attacks. Clients can order up to 500 Gbps protection anytime. Furthermore, you can view live attacks as they take place or see attacks for past 1 hour, 12 hours or 36 hours.

DDoS Protection For Remote Networks

Remote DDoS Protection is available for clients who require mitigation services at their own facility. Using GRE tunnels, we can divert traffic to our network for inspection, analysis and filtering to ensure high availability of your online business or project.


Creating firewall rules has never been easier. We offer the ability for our clients to create firewall rules on the edge layer of the network. By utilizing the edge layer, you can control the traffic as it enters our network and prevent the traffic from being reaching your server. Rules can be created by source ip, source port, destination ip, protocol, icmp etc.

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